Vision & Values

Introducing Our Three Horizons

Navigating new horizons:
Flourish, Evolve, Connect

Welcome to Horizon English School, where our mission is encapsulated in our pursuit of 'Our Three Horizons'. This visionary approach defines our commitment to creating an educational experience that is not just exceptional, but also evolving and inclusive.

A Flourishing School: We prioritise a thriving environment where the happiness and well-being of our students and staff are at the forefront. This foundation is pivotal for nurturing academic excellence and personal growth.

An Evolving Curriculum: Our dedication to continual improvement and innovation in teaching methods ensures our curriculum remains dynamic and relevant. We adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape to provide our students with the best learning experiences.

Serving Our Community: At the heart of Horizon English School is our strong sense of community. We believe in fostering deep connections with our families, recognizing that the education journey is a collaborative effort between the school, students, and their families.

Join us as we explore these horizons, shaping a future that is bright and filled with endless possibilities for every member of our Horizon family.

Our Mission

Shaping future-ready minds in a nurturing environment

Our mission is to tailor to each of their individual learning experiences and ensure each child feels included, stimulated and encouraged to develop their passions.

We strive to nurture independent learners and critical thinkers, with the skills to form lasting relationships with others, and the ability to manage themselves in any situation. We prepare our students to embrace the diverse challenges that the future holds.

Values and Ethos

Embracing diversity and inclusivity for holistic development

Inclusive education: Horizon English School is renowned for its inclusive approach. We are highly recommended for children with special and additional educational needs and disabilities, proudly supporting around 50 children on our special needs register.

Accessibility for all: Our facilities are wheelchair friendly, and we are equipped to provide intensive one-on-one support and an alternative curriculum for children with a diverse range of physical and mental conditions.

Flourishing environment: We have created a nurturing environment where students can develop their social, emotional, and physical well-being, alongside their intellectual abilities, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive educational experience.

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