Meet our Leadership Team

Mr Nick Hart

Principal of Horizon English School

With over 17 years of educational experience, Mr Hart joined Horizon as Principal in summer 2023. With 10+ years in senior leadership, Mr Hart has a proven track record of leading both small & large schools, including those at the forefront of innovation, and always with ambitious standards to enable all children to flourish.

Mr Hart is passionate about schools being community hubs, and in each school he has led, he has strived to establish them as the centre of the community - providing opportunities beyond the school day to develop lasting community connections.

Furthermore, Mr Hart has experience of secondary education, being one of the founding leaders of an independent Islamic school in Slough, UK which links his transition to international school leadership here in Dubai. Having written two books on educational leadership, Mr Hart has enjoyed speaking opportunities at education conferences, and has led professional development sessions in supporting other leaders and teachers to develop their practice.

Mr Martin Cole

Deputy Headteacher

Having worked as a teacher within the UK education system since 2012, Mr Cole joined Horizon in 2016. He joined as a class teacher before being promoted to Assistant Headteacher within the Senior Leadership Team where he played an integral role in taking the school to KHDA ‘Outstanding’ status in 2019.

As a trusted leader within the Horizon community, Mr Cole was appointed as Deputy Headteacher in 2022 and has continued in the role since. Whilst at Horizon, he has undertaken Master’s level study in Educational Leadership, focusing in particular on teachers’ professional development.

In his role as Deputy Headteacher, Mr Cole is responsible for whole-school teaching and learning & works alongside the teachers within the school to create the best day-to-day learning experiences for Horizon students from FS1-Year 6.

Miss Siobhan McHugh

Assistant Headteacher

Miss McHugh embarked on her journey at Horizon in 2015, initially as a class teacher in Key Stage 1. She worked as whole school Head of Maths until being appointed as Assistant Headteacher in 2019.

In this role, Miss McHugh oversees whole school assessment and leads Key Stage 1. She is dedicated in the development of early reading skills, recognising the profound impact it has on a child's educational journey and firmly believes that nurturing reading abilities from an early age paves the way for accessible learning across the curriculum. Miss McHugh is passionate about providing an inclusive education for all, working alongside the Head of Inclusion to further enhance the inclusive education at Horizon and ensuring every student feels valued, supported and empowered to reach their full potential.
Nicola believes in equipping students with the skills needed for an evolving world.

Mrs Lauren Craig

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Lauren Craig is a passionate and experienced educator with a career spanning 10 years, 7 of which she has spent at Horizon. Originally from Glasgow in Scotland, Miss Craig moved to Yorkshire at the age of 6. Her family profoundly influenced her decision to become a teacher through their charitable initiatives in Mombasa, Africa where she witnessed the transformative power of education on children’s lives from a young age. She regularly visits and supports Mombasa, reflecting her unwavering dedication to make an impact beyond the classroom.

Mrs Craig is a recent addition to the Senior Leadership Team having previously spent the past 2 years as Head of Year 6 at Horizon. She oversees Upper Key Stage 2, specialist teaching and secondary transition.

Mr Adam Lake

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Adam Lake started his teaching career as a Year 3 teacher. In 2017, he took a significant leap by relocating to Dubai and joining Horizon English School as a class teacher. Throughout his teaching experience, Adam primarily focused teaching in Year 2 and Year 3. Soon after, Mr Lake advanced into Middle Leadership as the Head of Maths, simultaneously becoming part of the Extended Leadership team, overseeing external partnerships. Mr Lake joined the Senior Leadership team as an Assistant Headteacher in 2022 and is responsible for overseeing core subjects, partnerships, and student leadership. Within his leadership role, Mr Lake wholeheartedly strives to develop an enriched curriculum that fosters a genuine love for learning amongst the children.

Miss Lizzie Harding

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Lizzie Harding started her career as a teacher in Leeds, England before making the move to Dubai where she initially worked in a large international school for 2 years before joining Horizon in 2019. Miss Harding has predominantly worked in Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6 and quickly moved into Middle Leadership as Head of Year 1 and then Head of Year 2. Whilst Head of Year 2, she also joined the Extended Leadership team and supported Teaching and Learning within Arabic and very much enjoyed being part of the Arabic team. In 2022, she was promoted to the Senior Leadership team as Assistant Headteacher and Phase Leader of Years 3 and 4. Within her leadership, Miss Harding is passionate about the wellbeing of staff and students alike and ensures it's at the heart of everything she does.

Miss Stephanie Nazarian

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Stephanie Nazarian has a wealth of experience & a deep commitment to fostering the growth and development of young learners. She has been teaching in the UAE for the past decade and prior to that she taught in her home country of Scotland.

Miss Nazarian has taught most year groups across the primary phase, but her true passion lies within Early Years & Key Stage 1 education. She joined Horizon in 2021 as Head of FS2, progressing quickly into the Extended Leadership as Head of Early Years, overseeing both FS1 & FS2. This academic year, she joins the Senior Leadership team as an Assistant Headteacher, where she will continue to oversee Foundation Stage. Beyond her dedication to academics, Stephanie is an advocate for the power of play-based learning and creating nurturing and stimulating environments that foster curiosity, creativity, challenge and a love for learning.

Miss Nazarian firmly believes that a holistic approach to education, encompassing both academic and emotional growth, is essential for every child to thrive.

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