Upper Primary - KS2

Upper primary/ Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Upper Primary/Key Stage 2 Curriculum (Y3 - Y6)

“Which person, living or dead, has had the greatest impact on the world we live in? What does it take to be a CSI investigator? Could superheroes really exist in everyday life?” These are just some of the questions we ask our Key Stage Two pupils to consider, as we encourage them to make the links between what they’re learning and the world they’re living in.

We continue to follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales, increasing our children’s time with specialist subject teachers (French, Arabic, Islamic studies – for Muslim students) Computing, Art and design, Music, PE and Swimming) and extending their depth of knowledge over the core subjects: English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Moral Education. We make links between topics wherever possible and provide enriched learning opportunities through school trips, outdoor adventure opportunities and residential trips (in Year 5 and 6).

“Students are appreciative of the school’s cultural diversity. They enjoy talking about their own cultures and are enthusiastic to learn even more about the cultures of others. Students have an exceptional knowledge and understanding of worldwide cultures.”

– KHDA Inspection Report

Computing is a key focus throughout the school and is introduced as a specialist subject significantly earlier than many of our contemporaries). In Years 3-6 we take it even further, by introducing limitless learning through the provision of an iPad pro device for every child. iPads are only used for learning, and are modified to ensure total child safety online. We encourage students to continue learning after hours and foster an independent approach to knowledge.

As well as striving to ensure that every child has the understanding, readiness and knowledge for their final years in the school and beyond, it’s at this stage that we cement values of leadership and communication that we’ve been instilling in our children from the Early Years. We provide a series of leadership roles across Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 and 6) giving children the opportunity to become a sports leader, house captain or prefect, or to be elected Head Boy or Head Girl. Children across the school can also enjoy leadership roles by representing their class in the School Council and the Green Team. One of our Year 6 children will also be awarded the ‘Spirit of Horizon’ award, a much coveted award for the student with the self-reliance and resilience to better themselves, while thinking of others too.

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