Foundation Stage / Early Years Curriculum

Foundation stage

Our Fs1 and Fs2 year groups each benefit from their own lively and well resourced central areas, where they are encouraged to learn through play during their daily free-flow time. The children also have access to a large playground and a specially designed shaded courtyard garden. Each classroom has its own dedicated outside area to encourage our children to spend as much time as possible learning outside (weather permitting). In addition to their Early Years Class Teacher, each class has its own teaching assistant, as well as weekly sessions with specialist teachers for Arabic, music, PE and a library lesson.

Within the Early Years, our curriculum focuses on guiding children through seven core areas of learning: Physical development, Personal, social and emotional development, and Communication and language, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Across those disciplines, our children are presented with a variety of problem-solving activities, designed to help them develop critical thinking skills and enhance their curiosity about the world around them. While safety is paramount, we want to create a nurturing environment to encourage our children to take on tasks and challenges that push them beyond their comfort zone.

“In the Foundation Stage Department, teachers have an excellent understanding of how young children learn most effectively. Teachers use open questions skillfully to probe students’ thinking and enable them to communicate their ideas in depth.” - KHDA Inspection Report

Foundation stage2
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