Healthy Eating

after school care

Horizon English School is a healthy school. We recognise that nutrition has a real importance on a child’s growth, development and happiness. It also has an impact on learning, concentration, mood and behaviour, therefore, young children require a healthy, balanced diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and starchy foods to help them grow, develop and reach their maximum potential.

We encourage our children to eat a variety of foods to ensure that they obtain a wide range of nutrients in order to stay healthy and to avoid predisposing them to a preference for unhealthy foods. Likewise, water is equally important and water dispensers are located in various areas throughout the premises where children are frequently reminded to drink at all times.

Our Medical and Wellbeing Teams promote healthy eating habits by means of regular letters and workshops, where ideas are shared with our parents on how to provide healthy and appetising lunches and snacks. We ask for community support in promoting a healthy diet by avoiding crisps, sweets, processed foods, sugary and fizzy drinks, all of which contain very little nutritional value.

NO NUTS and SESAME SEEDS are allowed at Horizon English School to safeguard children with allergies.

Despite being a very special day for everyone, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to allow birthday treats to be brought into school.