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School Reopening Information

School Day Structure
With an audit of the capacity of our school site, the review of our school numbers and following the detailed guidance from the KHDA, we have agreed that all children will be able to return safely every day, for the entire day. All teachers will be Covid-19 tested. This has been hugely welcome news and we are excited for our return in September. There are, however, a number of adaptations to classrooms, class sizes, start and finish times and the curriculum that will have to be made in order to allow for this full time return. These are set out below:

Staggered Start and Finish Times
In order to socially distance when entering and exiting the school site, we will need to adopt a staggered timing approach. Whilst this has not yet been confirmed, we are working towards the following timings:

Start of the Day

Year 2-607:30-
Children in these year groups can be dropped off anytime
between these timings. Lessons will start promptly at 08:00
FS1-Year 108:00-
Children in these year groups can be dropped off anytime
between these timings. Lessons will start promptly at 08:30

End of the Day

FS112:45-13:00 rolling pick up
FS2 & Year 113:30-13:45 rolling pick up
Year 2-614:40-15:00 rolling pick up

Please note we will continue with our usual split day transition approach for FS1 and FS2 over the first weeks of the academic year, to ensure a smoother transition for our younger children. You will receive details of timings for your child nearer the time.

Class Arrangements
In Years FS1, FS2 and Year 1, each class will consist of two small stable groups, reducing the capacity of the classroom overall and ensuring the children only mix with others within their group. The classrooms will be safely divided with partitions, allowing for the class teacher and teaching assistant to oversee the entire class, whilst allowing for the small groups to be safely separated.

As we are fortunate to have larger classroom sizes, Years 2 – 6 will be able to return to classes as normal, whilst ensuring each child has their own desk and is safely socially distanced from each other.

Timetable and Curriculum
In order to minimize the movement of children around the school, and therefore reduce the risk of children coming into contact with others, all specialist teachers will deliver their lessons within the children’s main classrooms. PE will be the only exception to this where the children will continue with a minimum of two specialist PE sessions a week. At this stage, swimming has not been permitted by the KHDA. We have made it a priority for our children to experience the same breadth of curriculum, allowing all specialist subjects to continue, with the delivery being appropriately adapted to meet the KHDA protocols.

Movement Breaks
With increased time in classrooms and to support student wellbeing, all year areas will have external areas, that will enable each class to benefit from movement breaks each day. These areas will be disinfected after each use, however will allow the children an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activites led by the class teacher outside of the classroom environment.

Site Modifications
There will be a number of site modifications, including one-way systems, hand sanitizer stations across the school and thermal cameras installed at each entrance. At this stage, the KHDA have stipulated parents are not allowed past the school reception, nor within the school buildings. There will, therefore, be designated drop off and pick up points where classrooms do not have external doors. In our next communication, we will advise you what this means should you wish to visit any of the Admin offices within school.

Bubble Approach
The protocols that the KHDA have stipulated enable a bubble approach. This ensures that where there is a positive case of Coronavirus, only the one class and respective class teachers will have to remain at home and quarantine for 14 days, as stipulated by the KHDA. Where this does happen, we will immediately implement a Distance Learning programme supported by an increase in live Zoom sessions from the class teacher and specialist teachers.

After School Care
Unfortunately, at this stage, we are not permitted to run any sibling or after school care clubs, as this would involve mixing the children between classes.

Bus Service
It is the intention that Gulf Pinnacle Transport resume their bus service following all the stipulated guidelines. For those families who currently avail of the bus service, GPT will be contacting you directly in the coming weeks to discuss required provision in Term 1 for your child.

We hope this communication gives you a clearer idea of how we intend to return next academic year, however, we recognize it will also raise a number of further questions for you. At this stage, we do not necessarily have all the details of our return to communicate, as we are still working on our plans and prioritizing decision making as we move through the summer holidays. Please do email any questions you may have. For personal and more urgent questions, the school will respond directly, however, for general queries, we will endevaour to include these in our next planned communication on Thursday 13th August. Please see below our communication timeline below:

  • Thursday 30th July – Class lists and teacher allocations
  • Thursday 13th August – Further details of our return, student and parent wellbeing surveys, FAQs
  • Thursday 27th August – Principal welcome letter for Academic year 2020 -2021