An outstanding British primary school, located in the heart of Jumeirah

Comprehensive Safety Programs for Foundation Stage

World-class safety systems and rigorous Covid-19 control measures designed specifically to keep young learners safe.

Deciding on the right school for younger learners is never easy – and even more difficult given the natural concerns of parents to keep children safe from Covid-19. Horizon English School was also the first school in Dubai to offer help to our community during Covid-19. So you know that your child’s happiness, safety and wellbeing – and your peace of mind as a parent – will always be our first priority.

List of measures in place:

  • Visual bubble

    We have bubble stickers on the floor that are 1.5m apart to show the children where they can stand, sit and play. FS1 also have these on top of the tables for table top activities.

  • Prompts to support social distancing within the class

    We have placed bubble stickers and visual flash cards on lanyards and within ‘learning areas’

  • FS2 have ‘challenge chairs’ for their independent learning time

    Every morning children have fun and engaging activities on the ‘challenge chair’ to support independent learning and to showcase their skills learnt throughout the week. For example this week we have used their individual playdough pots and every morning they take part in a ‘dough disco’ based activity to support physical development. We have enhanced this area to support name writing practice and fine motor skills. This will change weekly dependent on the topic and learning throughout the week to ensure we are supporting every child.

  • Sanitisation throughout the day

    We use teachers and teaching assistants throughout parts of the day but also have a cleaner on rotation to clean each bubble once they are at PE. We have a central area cleaner to clean the central area after every bubble has used this area. We also have a designated toilet attendant/cleaner to clean after every use. Both central area and toilet cleaner are used on hand to support classes when needed.

  • Physical development central areas to support well-being and promoting active learning

    Our central area has been transformed into an area for the children to move and develop their gross motor skills which are facilitated by class teachers. We believe ‘the more you move the happier the children’- teaching cross curricular lessons through being active. For example, teaching phonics through a game of ‘musical phonics’ children move and dance and when the music stops they sit on the sound systems and protocols, specially adapted to ensure the safety of younger learners.



Guided by a strong and dynamic leadership team, the school is ambitious and driven by innovation.

Although Horizon English School was established 30 years ago, it has continued to be at the forefront of primary education by taking a progressive and child-centred approach to every aspect of school life. Led by a young Headmaster who has built his career at Horizon English School, and who has an inherent understanding of the school’s DNA, the energetic leadership team are uniquely qualified and experienced in primary education. This knowledge and drive make them highly ambitious in their aspirations for our students and facilitates them in delivering an outstanding educational experience for every child.



Outstanding educators deliver exceptional teaching in English, Maths and Science, developing stand out pupils.

We are one of the longest established schools in Dubai and all of our teaching staff are technical specialists in primary education, resulting in a depth of expertise that is unmatched in our field. We strongly believe that outstanding learning is not just about teaching lessons, it’s about taking a holistic approach to the development of the individual child with a strong emphasis on personal growth. Our school is purposefully designed for young children, making the environment less daunting and conducive to a positive learning experience.



A rich, imaginative and creative curriculum, that encourages and develops every child’s natural curiosity and aspirations.

As specialists in EYFS education, the curriculum of the school has been specifically designed to stimulate each child’s own progression both academically and emotionally. To further enhance our curriculum, we are opening a unique STEM facility in September 2019, which has been created with the express intent of exposing primary age child to advanced technology such as 3d printing and robotics. This purpose-built facility, with its specially designed creative learning zone, will enable us to deliver teaching in the STEM subjects in a way that will excite and encourage students to innovate and develop as they learn to cope with the demands of the modern world.



An exciting after-school programme that enables students to explore new activities and see what they are passionate about in arts, music and sports.

All of our children have the ability to excel outside of the classroom environment and our staff help each child to find their passion, be that on the sports field or in more creative areas such as the arts. To stimulate their growth, we offer an ever-expanding range of activities after school, allowing each child to expand their physical and mental skills. The addition of the new STEM lab at the school will allow us to provide more after-school activities that are focused on technology, allowing them to explore the themes of Expo 2020 and its future legacy.



A close and caring international community, which has thrived on an outstanding partnership for the past 30 years.

Our community is strongly focused on our children and delivering the best learning outcomes for them as individuals. A key part of the school community is our parents, who are closely involved in all aspects of school life and actively involved in making positive change through a lively and highly engaged PTA, with particular focus on social events and charity.



A nurturing and supportive environment, that enables all pupils to achieve their full potential.

A school is a human institution with a responsibility to every one of its pupils. The overriding philosophy of the school is to focus on developing the whole child and preparing them to deal with life outside the classroom environment, through a learning experiences that is crafted by experts in primary education.