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Ian Wallace


Dear Parents,

First of all, a very warm welcome.

As Principal, a question I often get asked by parents is who the ‘typical’ Horizon English School child is. It’s something I find difficult to answer because we personalise each child’s learning experience, so that there is no ‘typical’ Horizon child. What I can say, is that the Principals and Headteachers of Dubai’s leading secondary schools always comment that they can spot our children instantly, because of their positive attitude, their ability to think independently and their good manners. As a Principal – and a father myself – that is very nice to hear.

By focusing purely on the primary years of education, we can instill the right values in our children from an early age. We take pride in our sports teams and music groups (both of which form a huge part of school life), being inclusive, and we make a point of making sure that no child feels left behind.

It’s not all serious though – a huge part of the way that we learn is through fun. Cross-curricular activities are a great way to engage our children’s curiosity (recently our FS1 teachers covered footballs in paint, then allowed students to roll them down the slides to teach colour recognition, dimension and direction). Creative opportunities like these contribute to the school’s happy environment.

As educators, we also have a responsibility to prepare our children to be citizens of the future. While we may not know what the ‘jobs of tomorrow’ will be, we strive to equip our children with a mastery of all forms of technology, transforming them into powerful learners, ready for a world that’s changing.

The best way to experience a school is to visit it, and I urge you to consider joining one of our school tours so that you can see our friendly and nurturing atmosphere for yourselves. Tours can be booked online via the Homepage. 

I look forward to meeting you.

With best wishes,

Ian Wallace